South Mountain Villas
South Mountain Villas

Nanshan resort hotel is located in Nanshan tourist destination, it is the only well developed resort and living area. Nature resources are made full use of in the design, providing a rural living experience. The planning is based on Zen Aesthetics, creating a simple, peaceful imaginative space.

From the south main entrance to the north area, a series of terraced gardens and corresponding fountains. Open courtyards are distributed here and there below the avenues. Landscapes design of the public spaces and the clubhouse lay emphasis on the wideness of the space and collocation of plant. While for the south commercial plot, the design are mainly express a resort hotel sense, carpet pavings, with geometric fountains and wide boulevard, to promote the quality of this project.

Location:Urumqi, China


Site Area:6.8 HA


Completion:Landscape construction completed in 2015